“I would absolutely recommend him. I have nothing but good things to say. He did 100% of what I needed, he was attentive, it worked, he knew what he was doing and he did the job he was asked. What I liked most was that they were efficient.”

Dr. Bruce C.

“I would recommend him to everyone. I’d give him a 10 out of 10. He’s the best lawyer ever. His secretary Nancy was very prompt, efficient, and I always got a reply the same day. They were very professional in every way.”


“Yes, I would recommend him. He’s diligent, thorough and you can see that he has compassion for his clients. What I liked best was that he was compassionate.”


“I have already been recommending him to people I know. He has shown genuine interest and understanding with what he has to handle for me. He’s very capable and knows what he’s doing. He knows how to handle things in the courtroom and has had a lot of experience. What I liked best is his secretary/office mgr. She always gets back to me if he’s not available.”


“Yes, I would recommend him. He’s very attentive to the finite details of the case where previous lawyers he had just took a few notes and didn’t ask any additional questions. What I liked best was the attention to the personal aspects of the case.”


“I had a horrible divorce, my ex would take my daughter out of state, run, not show up to court etc. Mr. Brenner’s ended my 3 year divorce in a matter of months after retaining him, I wish I would have retained him in the first place. He listens and if there are children involved, he cares because he is a father. If you are looking for a top attorney in coral Springs, this is the attorney for you, he is board certified and he won’t sugar coat anything. Be honest with this man, tell him what you want and in my opinion, he can get what you want. Mr. Brenner’s thank for everything, and thank you for the time you have given with me with my daughter.”


“I was extremely lucky I had a chance to speak with Mr. Brenners during my legal representative search. Mr. Brenners set himself apart from the other lawyers I interviewed because he had such immediate knowledge regarding the specifics of the case. He was compassionate and sympathetic to my situation. He handled everything and gave me the relief I needed to breathe. I would absolutely recommend him for any family law issue. It was such a stress relief being represented by someone who clearly had extensive expertise in handling domestic cases, as unconventional as mine was.”


“Mr. Brenners hands down is the most competent lawyer and I am so happy I had him on my side. As a father it’s hard to get a leg up in the court systems here in Broward. Mr. Brenners genuinely cares. I had a horrible ex that is the most manipulative people you will meet. She retained a pro bono attorney who then had another attorney co counsel. Steven Brenners steamrolled both of these lying attorneys in court. Opposing counsel was belligerent and extremely rude, Mr. Brenners destroyed both of these attorneys and got me custody of my daughter. Words can’t express how happy I am with Mr. Brenners. I will leave the readers with this, Mr. Brenners may seem quiet at times, but trust me his strategy is above reproach, he is seasoned and I retained him because he is board certified. Mr. Brenners is very smart and Nancy who works in the office is great at keeping records. Thanks Mr. Brenners for making this father very happy.”

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  • 5.0/5.0

    I don't know where to begin. Steve helped me through an absolute nightmare. He jumped right in and got my kids back to me, and genuinely cared for our well-being. He protected and guided me through the entire divorce process when I could ha...
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    — Client

  • 5.0/5.0

    Mr. Brenners got me custody through a horrible divorce in which my ex would manufacture evidence and her attorney would even lie for her and cover up. Mr. Brenners proved I was a better parent and helped the judge see through all the lies b...
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