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How Long Does It Typically Take To Settle Child Support Issues?

The length of time that it typically takes to settle child support issues depends on the facts of each particular case. If the State has commenced a child support action on behalf of the receiving spouse, the state of Florida could schedule an administrative hearing before an administrative judge. However, the date of that hearing might be based upon the location and availability of the administrative judge, which could cause scheduling issues.

If the scenario involves one parent filing a child support action against the other parent, then the process usually goes much quicker. After filing the appropriate documents with the court (either a divorce action or a paternity action), the parent may request a separate hearing on child support. These hearings would be held in front of a magistrate sitting as a hearing officer. Magistrates that sit as hearing officers often have child support calendars which help to expedite the process of scheduling hearings. Once the paying parent’s income is established, a hearing will generally occur within a few weeks.

Additional Information About Child Support Issues In Florida

The child support matters that have been discussed up until this point have been quite general. What has not been discussed are scenarios in which the child in question has special needs.

The special needs of a child can be demonstrated in different ways. For example, if the parties have enrolled their child in a private school but decide to get divorced in the middle of the schooling of the child, the court will look upon the expenses of the private school as an issue which would raise the amount of child support above the guidelines set forth in the Florida statute. This also applies to situations in which the child is enrolled in special extracurricular activities such as horseback riding or cheerleading competitions. In some cases, the child’s special needs are medical or psychological in nature. In any one of these scenarios, the parents will be looked upon to continue fulfilling these needs, despite the fact that it will raise the child support payment amount above the guidelines set forth in the statute.

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